Aaron M. Kelly

Research Specialist


BS Applied Mathematics, University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2020
Board Member, City of Madison Food Policy Council

Aaron is a research specialist at the Jahn Research Group. He is currently earning a BS in Applied Mathematics, with an emphasis in Computer Science, at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Aaron has corporate backgrounds in Manufacturing Engineering, Software Development, and Data Science.

He is interested in applying systems thinking to problems associated with global food systems. Currently, he is conducting independent academic research and writing regarding the intersections of food systems, federal and military policies, and national and homeland security. This work is slated to be published as a book chapter in a report to senior leadership at the Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

Aaron’s interests also extend to local and statewide food systems. He serves on the City of Madison’s Food Policy Council where he works to leverage his expertise in global food systems to support city initiatives, as well as autonomous, community driven solutions.