Will Mulhern

Honorary Research Fellow


B.S. Environmental Sciences; B.A. Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2016

Formerly a resident research specialist with the Jahn Research Group, Will Mulhern conducted research on food systems, climate change, food and nutritional security, catastrophic risk, extreme weather events, planetary boundaries, and resilience.

Prior to becoming a research specialist, Will worked as an undergraduate research assistant for two years while obtaining both a B.S. (with Distinction) in Environmental Sciences and a B.A. (with Distinction) in Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

While at the Jahn Research Group he has coordinated and participated in a diverse array of projects, including the USDA’s Dairy Coordinated Agricultural Project, the Multiple Breadbasket Failure Initiative, the implementation of a new System’s Thinking and Sustainability Course and the creation of a plausible agricultural disaster scenario for both Lloyd’s of London and the Food Chain Reaction Game.

Will’s interest in food systems extends outside of academia. He has spent time working in agriculture at multiple scales–ranging from a small organic vegetable farm to one of the world’s largest conventional dairy farms. This breadth of experience has enabled Will to better understand the ways in which the diversity of agricultural systems are critical to improving nutritional and environmental outcomes in the face of a changing climate.