Participatory Plant Breeding & Resilient Seed Systems Course

Participatory Plant Breeding & Resilient Seed Systems Course

The central theme of this course is the development of resilient seed systems (RSS) with participatory breeding programs (PPB) that are responsive to the needs of farmers and society as a whole. The focus is on longer-term solutions for sustainable, agro-ecological agriculture in the broad sense, departing from the underlying question: how to move food systems forward in the South and the North? Key aspects of this course include: • Concepts, strategies, methods and experiences with decentralized and participatory approaches to plant breeding and seed system development to increase agrobiodiversity and cope with climate changes • Governance issues such as seed quality control, property rights, co-ownership and benefit sharing • Specific approaches for different crop types and socioeconomic contexts • Multi-actor approaches, collaborative learning, knowledge sharing and networking approaches to engage food system and value chain actors into participatory plant breeding and resilient seed system programs • The interaction of technical solutions and social choices: considering trade-offs and issues of inclusion/social equity and other values


Or contact: Dr Claudius van de Vijver (PE&RC)


Phone: +31-317485116

Poster leaflet PPB and RSS_postgraduate course_16-21August2020_NL

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