Vincent High School of Agricultural Sciences

As part of the 5-year, $10 million dollar USDA Dairy CAP grant, the Jahn Group and colleagues lead an ongoing project to revive an agricultural focus at Milwaukee’s Harold S. Vincent High School. The school now offers students multiple curriculum pathways in agricultural sciences, all encouraging hands-on learning and independent projects. For more, see links to press releases and course outlines below.

Links and Resources

Read the summary report of the five-year partnership between UW-Madison and Vincent High School

More about the Dairy CAP grant’s education initiative here

See the WI Department of Public Instruction’s profile of Vincent here

CALS News profile of Vincent High’s 2017 Agricultural Showcase

CALS Grow magazine article on the rebirth of agriculture at Vincent High

Survey in Agriculture Unit Plan

Intro Agribusiness Syllabus and Unit Plans

Intro Animal Science Syllabus and Unit Plans

Intro Environmental Science Syllabus and Unit Plans

Intro Horticulture Science Syllabus and Unit Plans

Intro Food Science Syllabus and Unit Plans (for Food Science I and Food Science II)