Recommended Readings

At the Jahn Research Group, we value shared knowledge, and seek to provide resources to promote transparency and communication across multiple spheres of influence. Attached below are several publications we believe contribute to this goal.


Jahn Research Group Publications

  1. 2019 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction
  2. Cyber Risk and Security Implications in Smart Agriculture and Food Systems- 2019 White Paper
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  3. Cybersecurity and its Cascading Effect of Societal Systems
  4. Food Systems and National Security: The Science in Strategy- Wilson Center May 23, 2019 workshop
  5. Counting on The World to Act- TReNDS 2019
  6. Federal Workforce- March Study
  7. A Government by Too Few- Time Op-ed 2019
  8. Evolving Risk in Global Food Supply- Lloyds 2019 Emerging Risk Report
  9. Food Systems Shock- Lloyds 2015 Emerging Risk Report
  10. Implications of Climate Change for the U.S. Army- United States Army War College
  11. Managing Physical Climate Risk: Leveraging Innovations in Catastrophe Risk Modeling- The Geneva Association
  12. Climate, Conflict, and Global Food Systems- Food Chain Reaction Meeting findings and recommendations
  13. Is Agricultural Land Ownership a Food Systems Security Issue?- Land Tenure 2019 White Paper
  14. Food Systems Risk Mitigation Pilot Project
  15. Quantifying Carbon for Agricultural Soil Management: From the Current Status Toward a Global Soil Information System
  16. Microsatellites to Enhance Characterization, Conservation and Breeding Value of Capsicum Germplasm
  17. The Risk of Multiple Breadbasket Failures in the 21st Century: A Science Research Agenda
  18. Global Food System Stability and Risk: At the Nexus of Defense and Development
  19. Tandem Gene Duplication and Recombination in Capsicum
  20. Pathways to Climate Resilient and Decarbonized Critical Infrastructure in the 21st Century- The Geneva Association
  21. 2018 Extreme Events and Climate Risks Forum- The Geneva Association
  22. Climate Change and the Insurance Industry- The Geneva Association
  23. Understanding and Addressing Global Insurance Protection Gaps- The Geneva Association
  24. An Integrated Approach to Managing Extreme Events and Climate Risks- The Geneva Association
  25. The Character of Global Competition and Conflict 2019-2029- NSI ViTTa Report 2019
  26. Challenges to US Interests 2019-2029- NSI ViTTa Report 2019
  27. Extending the “American Century”: The Need for Revisiting the Social Contract
  28. The Strategic Crisis in the American Way of War: A Global Discount Security Shop?
  29. The Great Saudi-Iranian Proxy Game
  30. EIT Climate-KIC 7-Year Review (2010-2016)
  31. Caring International Research Collaborative- Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies
  32. Strategic Latency Unleashed Chapter 10- Contemporary Global Food Systems as Contested Space: Implications for Special Operations Forces
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Outside Publications

  1. NDAA18 Section 1075- Report on the Global Food System and Vulnerabilities Relevant to Department of Defense Missions
  2. Science as a Vocation