2019 Wilson Center Meeting

Food Systems and National Security: The Science in Strategy

May 23, 2019

This event was sponsored by the Wilson Center, The US Army War College, and The NASA Harvest Consortium.

The sessions aimed to build on Congressional and Executive Branch initiatives and studies that aim to detect, assess and respond to complex and dynamic food system risks to U.S. national security. Though food is central to this discussion, insights stretch across all manner of complex problems affecting the homeland.

Breakout Session One: Advancing the NDAA 1075 Study

Breakout 1 – Advancing the NDAA 1075 Study

Breakout Session Two: Modeling the Food System in a National Security Context: Indicators and Warnings, Technical Challenges, and Governance of Public-Private Data Sharing

Breakout 2 – Modeling the food system in a national security context

Breakout Session Three: The Ground Truth: Building the Role of Federal Programs and Public-Private Partnerships in Domestic Preparedness and Resilience

Breakout 3 – Domestic Mitigation and Resilience


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