Soil Organic Carbon Qualification Initiative

Thanks to the tremendous leadership and vision of Kat Taylor and a grant from the TomKat Foundation with support from Erin Eisenberg, a group of mutually committed expert stakeholders met at two workshops held in Bismarck, ND in July 2016 and Pescadero, CA in February 2017. These two workshops titled, “Soil Organic Carbon Measurement for Management and Management for Measurement” and “Visions for a Dynamic US Soil Information Service”, served to catalyze and reflect on the growing consensus among land managers, soil scientists, government, and technology communities of the need to accurately measure and manage for soil organic carbon. Coming out of these two workshops is a set of 11 white papers related to soil organic carbon quantification and management. Links to PDF’s of each paper can be found below:

Quantifying soil carbon measurement for agricultural soils management: A consensus view from science

Building a 21st-century soil information platform for US and world soils

Soil Carbon Accounting – the Australian example

Integrating soil carbon stocks across point to continental scales

How do we get the most out of soil data? The opportunities and challenges of developing open soil data

Measurement of Soil Carbon Stocks

Meeting local/state/national/international climate change mitigation goals

Case Study of Soil C Quantification: Alberta GHG Offset System

EPIC model based search of agronomic strategies for increasing SOC

Gridded agroecosystem and SOC modeling with EPIC model

Land Management

Special thanks to the following workshop participants who authored and/or reviewed the papers:

Amjad Assi, Jeff Baldock, Todd Barker, Zenobia Barlow, Sarah Bell, Kevin Boyer, Renata Brillinger, Karen Brown, Sally Calhoun, Chelsea Carey, Adam Chambers, Jena Clark, Ellie Cohen, Sarah Collier, Carman Cory, Jeff Creque, Marcia DeLonge, Luppo Diepenbroek, Peter Donovan, Jenni Dungait, Erin Eisenberg, Ben Ellert, Anya Fernald, Michael Fitzgibbon, Annie Fresquez, Jay Fuhrer, Thomas Gardali, Wendell Gilgert, Catha Groot, Mike Grundy, Mary Ellen Hannibal, Mark Henning, Jeff Herrick, Wayne Honeycutt, Kevin Irby, Molly Jahn, Jena Kuznik, Caroline MacGill, Mikulus Madaras, Andrea Malmberg, Alex McBratney, Doug Millar, Wendy Millet, Will Mulhern, Kelly Mulville, Kellyx Nelson, Erik Norrel, LaKisha Odom, Esther Park, Keith Paustian, Elizabeth Porzig, Roger Pulwarty, Ankita Raturi, Chuck Rice, Calla Rose, Richard Russel, Nat Seavy, Rebecca Shaw, Rastislav Skalsky, Ken Spedden, Kurt Squire, Kat Taylor, Brise Tenser, Maggie Thomas, Matt Thunell, Tom Tomich, Corey Vernon, Kevin Watt, Nancy White, John Wick, Stanley Wood