AgriTech Action 2020

From November 17-19 the Atlantic Council GeoTech Center launched their first ever AgriTech Action virtual conference, centered around intersections in technology, data and the global food system.

Day 1

Production and Distribution

Discussing innovative tech solutions that eliminate food waste, how a combination of large and small farms is necessary to produce enough food for 11 billion people, ways to increase the amount of reliable data on nutrition, and how to overcome vulnerabilities in global supply chains to ensure everyone has equal access to healthy food.

Day 2

Security and Stability

Address how leaders in tech and data will drive this innovation. Roundtable discussion topics include how to build a robust predictive analytics software for food systems stress, challenges in providing food in emergency situations, technical innovations to secure and train the next generation of farmers, and solutions to overcome barriers to credit, land ownership and tools for small farms in the US and abroad.

Day 3

Resiliency and Regeneration

Focus on how to incentivize a regenerative agriculture system, accelerate research for resilient crops and seeds, and overcoming misinformation and disinformation in the agriculture space.


Full Event Recap

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