Good Luck Aaron: Wishing our Group Member Fairwell

Good Luck Aaron: Wishing our Group Member Fairwell

Saying goodbye to another group member is always bitter-sweet, and wishing Aaron goodbye is no exception. Aaron has been a member of the Jahn Research Group team since July of 2019, and has been a key player in many important projects, including the chapter on Food as a Future Battlefield for the United States Special Operation Command.

Aaron is earning a bachelors degree in applied mathematics. He found a fascination with food systems while working with the Jahn Research Group, and joined the City of Madison Food Policy Council. He will continue to study systems thinking as they relate to food systems as he moves on from his work at Jahn Research Group, leaving to collaborate in a number of food systems and social justice groups throughout Madison and southern Wisconsin.

To wish Aaron good luck, the Jahn Research Group team hosted socially-distant goodbye lunch at the Forest Products Lab. The team enjoyed salads from Forage, and a Bill Oemichen favorite, Buster bars from Dairy Queen.

Though they are all sad to see Aaron go, the JRG team wished him the best of luck, and are excited to see where his next steps may take him.

Goodluck Aaron!

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