COVID-19 at the Jahn Research Group

COVID-19 at the Jahn Research Group

In the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, The Jahn Research Group remains active and hard at work. The JRG team has been working remotely, and will continue to do so until it is safe to return to work. Pictured is Molly Jahn, connecting with the JRG team via Google Hangout for a morning meeting.

FoodSource USA

The Coronavirus pandemic set off a cascade of events in the US food supply chain as food processing plants have forced to close, and grocery stores and food pantries are struggling to keep shelves stocked. During the COVID-19 crisis The Jahn Research Group partnered with Repositrak  to form FoodSource USA, a national initiative to mitigate perishable food waste and redirect it to food banks and pantries. FoodSource USA creates a connection between suppliers and recipients to direct unused perishable foods such as meat, produce and dairy, and facilitates support from government agencies to fund labor from producers and processors. We connect suppliers to processors, and processors to food banks, so they can support their communities. On April 24th, 2020 FoodSource USA launched their pilot program in Kansas with Liberty Fruit and Harvesters. For more information on FoodSource USA, visit the website.

FoodSourceUSA Overview & Getting Started: Slides

Impacts of COVID-19 on Wisconsin Corn Producers

The presentation linked below outlines the economic and environmental impact the COVID-19 crisis has on corn production and distribution throughout Wisconsin. This includes statistics on contributions of corn to Wisconsin’s economy, usage statistics, and ethanol production and consumption information.

4.29.20 Covid19 Impacts on Corn Producers SEOC Task Force


COVID-19 and the Impact on the US Meat Packing Industry

The presentation linked below outlines the current statistics and future risks in the US meat packing industry due to the coronavirus pandemic. This research includes plant closures, plant capacity, and statistics on how many individuals in each plant have been affected by COVID-19.

4.29.20 Food Processing Plant Closings

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